Husqvarna EZ XX Series: Extremely Hard Concrete Grinding Segments - Pkg/3

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Sold in a package of 3 Diamond segments

Connector: EZchange Wing

EZchange™ tool system features a 13 mm high segment, designed for grinding extremely hard concrete floors with a hardness level ranging from 8 to 10 on Mohs hardness scale. Elite-Grind EZ Sharxx features a unique soft metallic bond that ensures the diamonds remain exposed, allowing for effective penetration and opening of even the toughest concrete surfaces. This innovative design enables efficient material removal and precise grinding, making it the ideal choice for tackling extremely hard concrete floor applications.

XX Series: Unique diamond tools for the hardest concrete and where speed is essential. Problem-solvers for when nothing else makes the cut. Softer segment bond means increased diamond exposure to surfaces-and those tough jobs going faster. 

To learn which diamond tooling works the best for the machine you have and the concrete you are grinding please CLICK HERE.