Crack Fillers



For repairing and re-building damaged concrete, nothing beats our Crack Fillers. The product offers high penetration to concrete and very fast setting. It can be used to set anchor bolts and fill spalling. Sand or gravel can be added to extend the volume of the material and act as a filler for repairing large spalls, holes and cracks.


✔️ Highly Chemical Resistant

✔️ Low Temperature Application

✔️ Easy to Mix Ratio

✔️ Fast Cure Product


PowerArmor-CF is a hybrid polyurea, two components, which demonstrates great penetration and fast setting. It is used for the repair and reconstruction of damaged concrete. Compatible with urethane based products

✔️ Self-Leveling

✔️ COV Compliant

 Technical Data
Mix Ratio by Volume 1A : 1B
Ready to Grind 1 Hour
Sizes 7.6 L (2 US gal.)