Polyaspartic SERIES

Polyaspartic SERIES coating’s decorative broadcast and rapid return-to-service properties make it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, garages, showrooms or other applications from foot to vehicle traffic. Polyaspartic cures rapidly. It soaks into the concrete, filling all the gaps and sealing them tight. The flooring is easy to clean as it repels oils, stains and stands up to high temperatures. Polyaspartics are 100x more flexible than epoxy especially in freezing temperatures, 10x more scratch resistant and will not turn yellow like epoxy.


✔️ Fast Cure Product

✔️ UV Resistant

✔️ Abrasion Resistant

✔️ Multiple coats per day


Powerfast coating is color stable allowing it to take UV exposure without color shifts. PowerFAST Polyaspartic coating is a 1:1 mix ratio system with sufficient pot life to be squeegeed and rolled. It is dry to the touch after about 60-120 minutes at room temperature allowing application in a single day of work and a very fast return to service. The product also works really well in cold temperature.

✔️ Dry Fast

✔️ VOC Exempt

✔️ React at cold temperature

✔️ Great chemical resistance

 Technical Data
Part A  Part B  Mix
Color Upon Request  Clear to Amber Upon Request
Mix Ratio by Volume A : B = 1 : 1
Clear A : B = 100: 41 - 48
Colors A : B = 100: 39 - 45
Working Time 15-20 minutes @ 25 Celsius
Recommended Thickness Primer: 5-8 mils Finish coat: 8-20 mils
Coverage per gallon (8mils thickness) 140 ft² per gallon
Sizes 11.35 L (3 US gal.)
37.8 L (10 US gal.)