ASWF is Back in Canada!!

American Standard Window Film is back in Canada and we want to introduce you to the highest quality window films and Paint Protection Film on the market!

We want to offer you the opportunity to join ASWF Canada as an applicator and learn why ASWF is going to be one of the leading brands in the Window Film Industry here in Canada. We are actively seeking new applicators to represent the ASWF Brand.

ASWF is a worldwide manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. ASWF has a state of the art, single pass manufacturing facility which means this is the most advanced manufacturing facility in the world. Along with the USA and Canada, ASWF sells their high quality films in 18 other countries.

ASWF Canada is offering a no nonsense and convenient approach to purchasing our high quality Automotive, Architectural and Paint Protection Films at a very aggressive price structure.

We want to bring back the days of great customer service, convenience for ordering and great prices.

With 3 locations in Canada to serve you better!

Dunham, Quebec
Niagara, Ontario
Edmonton, Alberta

ASWF is Leading the Industry in Quality Products and Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Erickson International is the most energy-efficient manufacturer in operation today. Our Las Vegas facility was several years in the making, following extensive research and development. It was built from the ground up, with custom machines, state of the science technology and proprietary processes that increase production efficiency, accuracy and product quality. Spanning more than an acre, our facility leads the industry in green thinking, with near-zero landfill waste to respect and protect the environment.
Our proprietary coating process is the most advanced in the industry. Among the advantages are decreased handling, which minimizes the possibility for error, and increased cleanliness, which helps ensure the highest quality film possible. The process also achieves unmatched levels of efficiency, which translates into faster turnaround and greater cost-effectiveness.

ASWF attends all the major car shows, especially the SEMA Show, the World's Largest Automotive Aftermarket Show.

ASWF supplies many options of Automotive Window Films.

Standard Carbon is our workhorse of the line as it meets all kinds of quality standards, looks great and is priced very aggressively. Prices start at $108 per roll.
ASWF Carbon is a 1.5 mil IR Performance Nano-Ceramic film which is a higher quality carbon film for those more discerning shops where quality is of the utmost importance. Prices start at $132.30 per roll.
Retro Charcoal is a 1.5 mil Non Metalized Non-Reflective film. The Retro series celebrates the nostalgic style of the past, with advancements for today! A non-reflective film with classic looks, it offers cutting-edge technological improvements for clarity and ease of use. Prices start at $124 per roll.
Excel is a 1.5 mil Non Metalized Non-Reflective Film. The Excel series surpasses as a non-reflective film. A black color stable dyed film that gives the consumer and the professional a durable choice backed by a limited lifetime color stable warranty. Prices start at $166 per roll.
Excel IR is a 1.5 mil IR Performance Nano-Ceramic Film. The latest enhancement to our signature Excel product, Excel IRP, (IR Performance) incorporates an IR nano-particle coating that maximizes optical clarity while building a comprehensive shield of protection from heat, glare and harmful UV and IR rays. The remarkable solar control and color stability of the non-metal Excel IRP, along with its uncompromising aesthetics, places it a cut above other IR blocking films. As with all other ASWF products, it is endorsed with a “color stable” lifetime factory backed warranty. Prices start at $371 per roll.

ASWF supplies many options of Automotive Window Films.

What about Paint Protection Film? Have no worries! ASWF has come up with our signature Guardian series PPF to protect your client's rides!
Click here to read our full brochure on Guardian PPF
Prices for Guardian PPF are very competitive.

ASWF Window Film

ASWF Carbon S: Standard Carbon (Color Stable 1.3 Mil, 2 Ply)



ASWF Retro Charcoal: (Dyed, 1.5 Mil, 2 Ply)



ASWF Carbon: (Color Stable 1.5 Mil, 2 Ply)



ASWF Excel IRP: (Colour Stable, IR Performance, 1.5 Mil 2 Ply)



GCC Genuine Plotter Blades



ASWF Excel: (Colour Stable, Dyed, 1.5 Mil 2 Ply)



Contact Steve at ASWF Canada for more information and how you can join the fastest growing brand in Canada! Steve Leblanc
Cell 780-902-6727
Office 780-718-2628 (COAT)