Husqvarna Grinders

Husqvarna Grinders

Husqvarna Grinders PowerCOAT Canada has represented Husqvarna Construction Products as a distributor for many years due to the fact that the Husqvarna Brand offers the highest quality of equipment on the market bar none. With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides construction professionals with support, service and a wide range of machines, diamond tools and all the accessories that you need to cut, saw, drill, demolish, grind and polish concrete. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Our best reward is seeing Proud Professionals succeed. With a focus on innovation and customer support, Husqvarna's Construction Division is a global leader in machinery and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries. Husqvarna's construction products are used exclusively by professionals so they’re built for high-level performance, reliability and superior support.

Husqvarna has a full line of floor grinding equipment to meet any need. For difficult locations such as basements or balconies there is the PG280 single head grinder or the PG450 3 head planetary grinder. These units run on either 110 volt or 220 volt with low amp draw so they can be plugged in to a wall outlet or even a dryer or stove plug. The grinding head can be removed from the chassis for easy transport up and down steps or even loading the unit into the trunk of a car.
For bigger prep or polishing jobs Husqvarna offers units like the PG830 RC which has a 31.5" grinding width and is fully remote control operated. Remote operation increases productivity vs push grinders on removal, grinding and polishing concrete, natural stone and terrazzo surfaces. In fact it gives you up to 40% more productivity and we all know that time is money. These units are designed for large industrial and commercial size wet or dry projects.
Concrete dust and slurry needs to be removed in a safe and efficient way to protect you and your team from unhealthy dust exposure. With Husqvarna, you get access to guidance, knowledge and a broad, fully integrated range of highly efficient equipment for dust and slurry management, enabling you to comply with rules and regulations without compromising your productivity. By combining our expertise in concrete cutting, drilling and grinding with the foremost technology in dust and slurry management, Husqvarna has a unique ability to provide you with easy to use solutions. Handling the dust and slurry more efficiently means a better way of working. Husqvarna's range of equipment for dust and slurry management covers all needs and applications within the construction industry - from the compact 1-phase HEPA dust extractors and efficient slurry vacuums to the big, powerful 3-phase HEPA dust extractors for heavy duty jobs.

When using grinders it's important to maintain a dust free environment and so Husqvarna offers the world's best vacuum systems. The Husqvarna S 26, our most popular unit, is a powerful single-phase HEPA dust extractor to match the grinding machines Husqvarna PG280, PG450 and early entry saw Soff-Cut 150. It also matches small scarifiers and shot blasters as well as handheld power tools. This professional dust extractor is suitable for building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust. Equipped with two tested and certified HEPA H13 filters. Features include Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning, hour counter and vacuum meter for filter control. The non-marking wheels are puncture free and lock at the front. The Longopac® bag hose system ensures simple, dust-free bag changes.

Tools for Surface Preparation - Redi Tool System & HTC Surface Prep Diamond Tools

When it comes to surface preparation and tools that polish, grind concrete surfaces or remove previous treatments, we're often talking about work that is both difficult, strenuous and time consuming. By listening to their customers Husqvarna has been able to build a range of tools to fit every step of the surface preparation process. Whatever level of finish you are looking for, Husqvarna offers an array of diamond tools developed for use with most materials. From the hardest concrete floor to the most abrasive, to meet demands for cutting speed and surface finish. These diamond tools were originally developed for PG grinding machines and feature the Redi-Lock attachment system. With the tool holder Multi, they fit equally well on HTC grinders. HTC produces a unique range of diamond tools to cover all the different type of procedures possible with the HTC diamond grinders. There are diamond tools suitable for anything from very rough grinding equal to scarifying to high gloss polishing of natural stone or concrete. What is important to us is what we feel would be important to you, the customer. We know that downtime due to poorly made equipment can cost you more than the equipment is even worth. Sitting on a job site with a piece of broken down equipment and realizing that parts or service are not readily available is the worst feeling in the world. Knowing that you won't be making any money is worse. That's why Husqvarna is your only choice. With an incredible track record for quality built equipment you can go onto the job site with confidence that your equipment will do what it's supposed to do.
With service centers in many parts of Canada and parts readily available Husqvarna can get you up and running and back to making money in no time if something does happen. PowerCOAT Canada does offer financing through one of our financial partners that offers special programs for purchasing Husqvarna equipment. Call a PowerCOAT Canada representative now to get the best prices in Canada on Husqvarna Prep Equipment. 780-718-2628 or Toll Free 877-953-7733