Cutting Technology: Film & Vinyl Designs 1 Year Subscription for all Tint & PPF Paterns

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Film & Vinyl Designs:

ASWF Customers get special pricing from what is listed on their website. 

Annually, it costs $1,550.00 Cad. and that comes with both Paint Protection & Window film patterns for most vehicles, as well as the vector design tool.

-We would collect payment from you and Film & Vinyl Designs would mail out a USB stick to your location the next business day, with their program installed on it. When you're up for renewal, you will have to make payment again to us and they will mail you another updated USB stick.

-For the most part it is an offline based system, so technically would not require internet, but it will not be able to automatically update the software with the newest patterns. However, if connected to internet it will automatically update the system with the latest patterns.

-Film & Vinyl Designs also offers all in house technical support for your convenience.

Requirements: Only compatible with windows 10 or 11 computers & must have 2 or more USB type A Ports. You will also require plotter. Please note, the software is compatible with most major brand plotters. However, there is a few plotters that don’t work well with the program, one of them being Creation brand. If you're looking into buying a plotter elsewhere, please advise me of the make model and size, so we can insure it's compatible with Film & Vinyl designs program.

Here is a link for Film & Vinyl Designs website to check out. They have some tutorials on the program and you can check out all the different makes and models of patterns they offer:


Vector Design tool

  • Base shapes
  • Text tools
  • Tracing tool
  • Transformation tools
  • Weld and trim tool
  • Slicing tool
  • Hand drawing
  • Auto nesting feature
  • Cuts logging
  • VIN and P.O. tracking
  • Multiple users support
  • Multiple plotters support
  • Scanner TWAIN support
  • Opens .ai, .eps, .pcw, .plt, .wmf, .dxf, bitmap files

Database Access Tool

Provides a convenient way to access the patterns, search and organize them. Contains numerous useful features such as:

  • Tree view filter which is preferable for Tint patterns
  • Drop down filter which is more convenient for Paint types
  • Filter by years, authors and makes
  • Color code by Authors
  • Custom lists for quick access to user defined patterns sets
  • Prices management
  • User patterns organizer
  • Price Tag tool
  • Filter by years, authors and makes
  • Pattern Request tool which allows customers to claim for new patterns
  • Pattern Comment tool
  • VIN tracking

Reporting Tool

  • Simple Cut Log Reports with information about cuts
  • Extended Cut Log Reports with emulated material assignment
  • Scheduled reports with sending to an e-mail
  • Multiple filter configurations
  • Price calculations formulas
  • Width rounding to standard roll widths

Tech support tool

Our tech support team uses the dedicated tool, which allows a remote connection to our customers' computers to help them with any issues they may face.

  • Remote desktop manipulation
  • File transferring
  • Multiple technicians in same session
  • Chat
  • Worldwide